Young Angelenos

Young Angelenos envision our city and the greater Los Angeles region as a productive, prosperous community with engaged citizens who advocate for progressive public policy.

Our group of volunteer citizen activists have compiled a progressives' voter guide for the California State Senate District 26 Special Election. Check out our guide, and please vote on September 17th!

Young Angelenos support:

Job Creation and Economic Prosperity
Investing in job training, education and infrastructure to create jobs, generate revenue, encourage entrepreneurship, bring entertainment production back to LA, and foster economic prosperity and justice, including equitable working conditions and living wages.

Increasing education funding; providing all children and adults with fair access to a good education, job training or higher education; investing in programs that empower at-risk youth.

Public Safety
Promoting a safe community for all residents of the greater Los Angeles region by investing in well-trained police officers, reforming and providing accountability for corrupt and abusive police practices, creating a safe jail system and offering gang intervention/prevention programs.

Equality, Human Rights and Individual Liberties
Advancing city and county policies to provide equality for all people and prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

The Environment
Investing in green jobs and clean and renewable energy, as well as creating and enforcing policies to protect the environment and curb destructive climate change.

Healthcare & Safety Net
Ensuring that all Angelenos have access to basic, affordable and ongoing health care, by creating and implementing a program or coop comparable to Healthy San Francisco. Reducing homelessness and ensuring that all Angelenos have access to adequate food, shelter and social services.

Promoting and establishing Los Angeles as a hub for tech entrepreneurs, investing in tech education and partnering with local universities and colleges to foster a startup community, and improving the city's websites and apps to better provide services to Angelenos.

Creating a comprehensive transportation plan that reduces congestion; provides funding for a convenient, reliable and cost-effective transportation system that includes cars, trains, buses and bicycles; bringing new leadership to LAX to rebuild and and transform our airport into a world-class facility.

Immigration Reform
Advocating for comprehensive immigration reform to provide a path to citizenship, protecting undocumented immigrants and people of color from discrimination and predatory employment practices and promoting constructive dialogue within Los Angeles and nationally.